75LCT Touch Screen Multi-Monitor

75LCT Touch Screen Multi-Monitor

  • Touch Screen Platform
  • Compact design for flush or surface mounting in a single gang weatherproof enclosure
  • Universal Power Supply 100v-240v (50/60 Hz)
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with recharging circuitry
  •  Temperature Alarm protects against product loss
  • AC Failure Alarm protects against product loss
  • Patented Automatic Light Control saves energy and eliminates conventional light switches
  • Door Ajar Alarm saves energy, improves efficiency
  • reduces coil icing, lowers maintenance costs, and helps maintain product integrity and loss prevention
  •  Optional Panic Alarm increases operator safety
  • “Clean Condenser” Reminder as a preventive maintenance schedule
  • Plug-n-Play with current 75LC
  • Bluetooth connectivity

With Touch Screen convenience, the 75LCT provides temperature alarms, door ajar alarms, AC failure alarms and panic alarms. Using Autoset™ technology, the Modularm 75LCT automatically adjusts alarm set points, thus eliminating the need for manual programming. The system saves energy, improves efficiency, reduces coil icing, lowers maintenance costs and helps to maintain product integrity.

75LCT WE FLUSH – 75LCT We Encl w/Flush Contacts

75LCT WE SURFACE – 75LCT We Encl w/Surface Contacts

75LCT NE FLUSH – 75LCT No Encl w/Flush Contacts

75LCT NE SURFACE – 75LCT No Encl w/Surface Contacts