75LC Communicator

75LC Communicator

  • Available in hardwired or wireless options, the 75LC Communicator features:
  • Intuitive and easy to use web-based operating software
  • Logged historical reports of temperature and monitored conditions
  • Weekly or monthly status updates via email
  • Automatic text and email notification of deviation points
  • On-demand report generation with built-in graphing capability
  • Built-in LCD display for visual system status
  • Built-in dry contacts and audible alarm provide additional on premise and remote notification capability
  • Rechargeable back-up battery with built-in recharging circuitry
  • Automatic telephone dialer compatible for voice notification of alarm conditions
  • Security password protected

The 75LC Communicator is a compact, dedicated system server that works with the 75LC multi-monitor to harvest data from connected devices and automatically emails historical reports of monitored conditions on a daily or weekly basis to support HACCP compliance.

75LC WIRELESSCOM – 75LC Wireless Communicator

75LCWIRELESSMOD – 75LC Wireless Module


COMMUNICATOR – Wired Communicator

COMMUNICATOR+1 – Wired Communicator w/ 1 expansion board

COMMUNICATOR+2 – Wired Communicator w/ 2 expansion boards

COMMUNICATOR+3 – Wired Communicator w/ 3 expansion boards