Production Management

KorrectProduction, the cornerstone of the KitchenKorrect suite of digital solutions, galvanizes the front and back of house, overcoming a challenged work force through clarity and unification while optimizing food production, margin control and meeting the brand promise of hot, fresh, and available.

KorrectProduction Features and Benefits

  • Dynamic Production Forecasting leverages historical data and integrates with the POS to determine what, when and how much to cook to optimize product availability.
  • Real-time Production Tracking, with direct connectivity to appliances, monitors cook, hold and waste times to ensure product freshness, while reducing critical operational friction points.
  • External Order Production Management enables forecast adjustments to accommodate home delivery, catering and special events that are incremental to projected store sales.
  • Multi-Level Production Reporting provides production insights by store, franchise, region or chain, to view performance metrics and compliance with company policies.
  • Microsoft Azure provides Kitchen Brains with outstanding stability, scalability and support to reliably deliver QPM to QSRs globally.

KorrectProduction is deployed in more than 18 countries globally and growing, with expected IoT devices to number in the millions over the next few years.

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