Refrigeration & Temperature Monitors

Refrigeration Monitors, Reporting, and Safety Controls

Kitchen Brains’ Modularm is the trusted partner for commercial refrigeration including, reach-in and walk-in coolers, and freezers. Renowned for precision engineering and reliability, we specialize in designing integrated hardware and software controls that provide temperature monitoring alerts, notifications, and safety controls.

We partner with leading OEMs and offer aftermarket refrigeration controls that manage rising energy costs, environmental demands, and employee safety; all while improving restaurants’ MoH™ efficiency. 


Temperature Monitoring & Food Safety

–  MoH™ Connectivity through KBconnect™ IoT (SCK)
–  Temperature Monitoring via Email, Text, and Phone
–  Long Range Radio Temp and Humidity Monitors
–  HACCP Reporting and Compliance
–  Remote Communication & System Expansion 

Operation & Employee Safety

–  Door Ajar Monitors with Audible and Visual Alarms
–  Motion Detection
–  Safety Entrapment Buttons and Alarms
–  Condenser Maintenance Reminders
–  Energy and Cost Management
–  Loss Prevention Control

Refrigeration Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Modularm® Temperature Monitoring Systems can be deployed just about anywhere you need to ensure food or operational safety. Systems include a network of battery powered, LoRaWAN long-range sensors that can be easily installed without an electrician. The sensors connect to a gateway, which transmits data either via LAN or cellular to the KitchenBrains® Cloud. Users can view the current status and past history on any sensor, while out-of-range temperature alerts are automatically sent via message, phone or email.


  • Wireless Ethernet Gateway

    Receives temperature data from the Modularm wireless sensors and sends the data to the Modularm Cloud. Plugs into a standard ethernet port to generate automatic daily, weekly, or monthly temperature logs and sends text and email alerts

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  • Wireless Sensor

    Battery powered, wireless temperature and humidity sensor - Mounts directly inside walk-in freezers and coolers, measuring temperature and humidity. Best in class, long range radio technology makes installation quick and easy.

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  • Sensor Kit with Gateway

    Modularm TMS Sensor Kit enables single and multi-unit location managers to remotely monitor temperature and humidity in critical spaces, including coolers, freezers and food storage areas. When a sensor detects an out-of-range reading, an alert is sent via text or email 24/7/365 to registered recipients, who can take immediate action to mitigate the risks associated with food spoilage.

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