Foodservice Solutions

Kitchen Brains® offers foodservice operators a wide range of products that ensure food quality and consistency, reduce food, labor and training costs, improve employee safety, and increase guest satisfaction scores and repeat visits. Use Kitchen Brains® (FAST.)® timers, computers, controllers and upgrade kits in your kitchen to deliver perfectly cooked products every time. Monitor walk-ins and storage areas with Kitchen Brains Modularm® products to keep food and employees safe 24/7/365. And, increase food availability and freshness, while reducing waste, with QPM Production Decision Automation.

(FAST.)® Controls, Computers, Timers, and Upgrade Kits

(FAST.)® products are a kitchen crews’ most valuable partner, keeping the team focused on what’s important every step of the way. Designed for the toughest kitchens, (FAST.)® devices handle simple tasks, like basic product timing and handwashing reminders, to complex, multiple batch/stage timing and build cards to visually guide crews through product assembly. Multiple (FAST.)® products, including most upgrade kits, are KBconnect™ ready, enabling connectivity to Kitchen Brains® industry-leading, brand-agnostic IoT/Cloud solution

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Modularm® Temperature Monitoring

Modularm® products keep watch over your location, saving energy, reducing the risk of food loss and keeping employees safe. Modularm® Refrigeration Monitoring Solutions, with Autoset™ technology, offer door-ajar, temperature, power failure and entrapment alarms. Modularm® Food Safety Manager tracks temperature and humidity anytime, anywhere food products are stored. Many Modularm® products offer remote connectivity and reporting via phone or the KBconnect™ IoT/Cloud.

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QPM Production Management Decision Automation

QPM (Quality Production Manager) is the only back-of-the-house solution that makes paper forecasts and tracking a thing of the past, ensuring accuracy and timeliness by automating production decisions and responsibilities previously held by busy, multi-tasking managers. The result: food products that are always fresh, hot and available. QPM has been proven globally for more than 15 years to drive the bottom line through reduced labor costs and waste, and increased product availability and guest satisfaction.

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