(FAST.)® Timers, Computers, Controllers and Upgrade Kits

(FAST.)® products are a kitchen crews’ most valuable partner, keeping the team focused on what’s important every step of the way. Designed for the toughest kitchens, (FAST.)® devices handle simple tasks, like basic product timing and handwashing reminders, to complex, multiple batch/stage timing and build cards to visually guide crews through product assembly. Multiple (FAST.)® products, including most upgrade kits, are KBconnect™ ready, enabling connectivity to Kitchen Brains® industry-leading, brand-agnostic IoT/Cloud solution.

(FAST.)® Timers

  • BB Battery Timers

    The affordably priced, battery operated, portable BB Timers monitor your grill, fryer, oven, mixer, holding stations or buffet line.

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  • ZAP Timers

    The single-function, multi-product ZAP Timers offer quality control and can be used with any appliance or menu type.

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  • TRACKER™ Timers

    The Multi function, Multi display TRACKER™ Timers come in multiple configurations as grilling, frying, holding and oven timers.

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  • Meridian™ Timers

    The Multi function, multi-product Meridian Timers offer quality control, and can be used with any appliance or menu type.

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  • TT-500 Timer

    The TT-500 Touch Screen features timing, menu library, day part management and visual build cards to assist in day to day operations.

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  • Scrub Buddy™

    The lightweight, portable Scrub Buddy™ is the only all-in-one scheduled handwashing reminder and timer.

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  • MT-300 Timer

    The easy to operate, program and clean MT-300 electronic appliance timer is designed for rigorous use in the commercial kitchen

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(FAST.)® Computers

(FAST.)® Controllers

(FAST.)® Upgrade Kits