Upgrade Kit for Frymaster Fryer

Upgrade Kit for Frymaster Fryer

  • Easy to Install and Use
  • 10 or 20 product keys to support ever-changing menus and have more space for LTOs
  • Changeable menu strips
  • User-friendly messaging with (FAST.Nav) mobile phone style and predictive text programming
  • Separate pass codes for store managers and employees
  • Feature upgradeability with (FAST.Flash) technology—eliminates costly technician visit
  • Appliance mode is front-panel selectable: gas, electric, propane, etc
  • SCK Xwire™ wireless communications compatible for the networked kitchen
  • (FAST.Edit) and (FAST.Transfer) compatible
  • 24/7 technical phone support
  • CE, ETL, SCK® Link
  • International Option: 240 VAC (Please contact our international office directly for ordering information.)

Simply remove the original controls from the  Fryer control and slide in the replacement fryer control to make the switch.

KVC-FAP               Frymaster J3F Gas

KVC-KSCF18E      Frymaster 18″ Electric

KVC-KSCF18G     Frymaster 18″ Gas Tube Fryer (Dean)

KV2-FMJ50-2R    Frymaster MJ50 Splitvat