VISION™ Series Process Controller

VISION™ Series Process Controller

  • 20 programmable product keys with (FAST.Nav)™ mobile phone-like programming.
  • Save energy and money with patented setback feature
  • Reduce oil costs with patented SmartStat™ temperature controller
  • Enhanced graphical display shows both product names and cycle times
  • Programmable duty cycle flexibility to monitor and manage multiple processes:–– Time, temperature, motor control,dampers, circulating pumps, solenoids,actuators, broiler, clean mode, detergent dispensing, plus many more
  • Pair with numerous appliance types and tune parameters from the front panel
  • Programmable volume levels
  • Xwire™ wireless communications compatible for the networked kitchen
  • SCK® Link advanced communications software giving you the most advanced communications capability available for HACCP reporting and automated online kitchen management.
  • 24/7 technical phone support
  • ...and many more

Reverse-compatibility with all built-in (FASTRON.)® Controllers (MCF, EM-90,EM-99 and Silver Edition) make it an ideal solution for computer-ready appliances or as a perfect upgrade solution.

Kitchen Brains® (FASTRON.)® VISION Series VC-210 Fryer Controller is a premium performance multi-process control with extensive input/output capability to meet your most complex control requirements. The fryer controller can ensure a consistently cooked, quality product. In an extremely demanding environment, the VC-210 fryer controller delivers a longer life.

KV2-P7-2             Pitco 7-2 Gas

KV2-P72-LP         Pitco 7-2 Liquid Propane

KV2-P7-3             Pitco 7-3 Gas

KV2-P73-LP         Pitco 7-3 Liquid Propane

KV2-P7-4             Pitco 7-4 Gas

KV2-P74-LP         Pitco 7-4 Liquid Propane

KV2-PE7-2           Pitco 7-2 Electric

KV2-PE7-3           Pitco 7-3 Electric

KV2-PE7-4           Pitco 7-4 Electric

KV2-SE14T17K    Pitco SE14T 17KW

KV2-SE14T22K    Pitco SE14T 22KW

KV2-SG14T          Pitco SG14T

KVC-P14E            Pitco 14 Electric

KVC-P14G            Pitco 14 Gas

KVC-P18-2           Pitco 18-2 WKS Gas

KVC-P182X          Pitco EXPRESS 18-2

KVC-PE18-2         Pitco 18-2 Electric

KVC-PE18-3         Pitco 18-3 Electric

KVC-PE18CR       Pitco 18 Electric

KVC-PSG18          Pitco 18 Solstice Gas

KVC-PSG18OP     Pitco 18 Solstice Gas for Online Projection

KVC-PSG6H         Pitco SG6H


KV2-FH14214K   Frymaster 14 in. Electric H14-2 14KW Split Vat

KV2-FH17217K   Frymaster Electric Split Vat H17-2 17KW

KV2-FMJ50-2      Frymaster MJ50-2 Split Vat Gas

KVC-FCRAP          Frymaster J3F/C Gas

KVC-FH14-14K    Frymaster 14 in. Electric H14 14KW

KVC-FH17-17K    Frymaster 14 in. Electric H17 17KW

KVC-FH22-22K    Frymaster 14 in. Electric H22 22KW

KVC-FMJ45          Frymaster MJ45

KVC-FMJ50          Frymaster MJ50 Gas

KVC-KSCF218E    Frymaster KCSF218 Electric

KVC-KSCF218G   Frymaster KCSF218 Gas


KVC-HPEAP         Henny Penny 4H Electric Model 500

KVC-HPGAP         Henny Penny 4H Gas Model 600

KVC-HPG-UK       Henny Penny 4H Gas 240 V UK

KVC-HP690          Henny Penny 8H Gas Model 690

KVC-HP690CE     Henny Penny 8H Gas Model 690 CE

KVC-HPE8AP       Henny Penny 8H Electric Model 580 / 590

*Specify voltage


KVC-CEPF46        Collectramatic 4H

KVC-CEPF56        Collectramatic 6H

KVC-CEP46CON Collectramatic PF46 4H (Shell Fryer)

KVC-CEP56CON Collectramatic PF56 6H (Shell Fryer)

KVC-CEP56CEX   Collectramatic PF56 6H (Shell Fryer) Export 240V