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(FASTIMER)® TT-500 LCD Touch Screen Timer


Kitchen Brains® (FASTIMER.)® TT-500 Touch Screen Timer is one of the most versatile commercial kitchen timers in the industry. This digital programmable timer offers a touch screen surface, customizable menu options and recurring crew alerts. Now available in three selectable modes: fryer, quality holding and grill.

The Kitchen Brains® (FASTIMER.)® TT-500 Touch Screen Timer gives you the ability to:

  • Set interval times for your entire menu
  • Provide recurring crew alerts for handwashing, sanitizing, inspections and more
  • Set and store restaurant alerts customized to your operation
  • Time multiple batches of product with support for multiple stages per product with our multi timer functionality
  • Support virtually unlimited menu expansion leveraging the flexible touch screen timer interface
  • Utilize build cards to visually guide your crew on how to assemble products
  • Plus, the Xwire™ wireless communication is compatible for the networked kitchen
  • AND MORE! Outfit your entire operation with our TT-500 digital programmable timers!