Pei Wei Decides the Time is Right for (FAST.)®

Pei Wei believes that a balanced life begins with a balanced meal. With a menu inspired by ancient Asian cooking, from the wok-fired classics of China to the street market spices of Thailand, Pei Wei showcases vibrant, modern cuisine that is always made-to-order. The ability to quickly produce a consistent product using quality ingredients is of the utmost importance. Pei Wei needed a robust custom timer enabling them to deliver their freshly made signature dishes with ease and efficiency. They turned to Kitchen Brains®, makers of the family of (FASTIMER.)® and (FASTRON.)® controls.

By using a timer that conforms to Pei Wei’s specific needs, they are able to achieve spectacular results.“Kitchen Brains was the third company we contacted to assist us, they should have been the first”, commented Kevin Huckabone, Category Manager for P.F. CHANG’S CHINA BISTRO, Inc. “We provided a functional specification for our unique cooking operations and Kitchen Brains® responded within 24 hours with several different options. We chose a custom Tracker Timer solution that Kitchen Brains turned around in a few weeks.”By working closely with Pei Wei, Kitchen Brains® was able to quickly design, produce, and supply locations with a custom solution that fits Pei Wei’s specific needs. “We pride ourselves on offering the industry’s best general market timers, but we also have a deep appreciation for the custom needs of operators and we are happy to work with them to design exactly what they need to be successful”, said Christian Koether, Vice President of Kitchen Brains®. “Thankfully we have a flexible domestic manufacturing process and an internal team completely focused on quality and customer satisfaction.”

Each of Pei Wei’s timers leave the Kitchen Brains® factory pre-programmed with their specific menu needs. Additionally, through the Service Replacement Program, if any field failures occur, which are rare, a replacement is shipped next business day, at a significant savings, to avoid long periods of downtime. Kitchen Brains is proud to be a partner with Pei Wei and looks forward to assisting the company with continued success. If your company can benefit from custom timers, controllers, or appliance networking software, visit our website at or contact Christian Koether directly at #teamGENIUS