Kitchen Brains Monitoring Solution Prevents Product Loss in School Systems

In August 2014, Rick Mason from Moore-Warren in Dothan, Alabama had an opportunity to support the Holmes County Schools District in Bonifay, Florida with product loss prevention. The opportunity came through Steve Mayo, Holmes County Schools Maintenance. The proposal was to install a temperature monitoring system to alert for any elevated temperature conditions caused by equipment malfunctions or door ajar issues that can cause product loss or spoilage issues. In Mr. Mayo’s past experiences, he had to drive to each school to ensure the refrigeration temperature was met and kept within parameters, which resulted in a lot of time wasted. Towards the end of 2014, Moore-Warren, in conjunction with Kitchen Brains, started the pilot test with one school. Within a period of three months, a refrigeration system failure was encountered at the test location.

The Modularm Monitoring System began detecting temperatures out of the norm and immediately started sending notifications to the remote school maintenance personnel. The Maintenance Department received the alerts and immediately started looking for a solution to avoid the imminent product loss. Due to the system alerts and immediate response by maintenance technicians, the approximate savings were $25,000 to $30,000 for this one site, one failure. In addition to the product and cost savings, the alarm system provides an automatic light control option to minimize the consumption of energy by automatically turning off the lights when not in use. The standard door ajar feature helps keep the doors closed.

This option reduces maintenance and energy costs, since the system does not overwork itself to maintain temperature within parameters. The panic option brings safety to the kitchen personnel, generating panic alerts in case one is disabled inside the monitored compartment. After this out of range temperature event, it was decided to move forward and equip every school in the district with the Kitchen Brains monitoring solution. #teamGENIUS