How Kitchen Brains Timers and Controllers Help Advancing C-Stores Keep Their Commitment to Excellence

Ensuring freshly baked bread every morning with Kitchen Brains Timers. An established chain of 645 convenience stores offers more than just coffee; they serve a variety of fresh, built-to-order foods plus beverages and fuel services in making themselves an industry leader along the east coast. Bread is always baked fresh every morning to support a high standard of freshness and taste. Kitchen Brains developed a system specifically for the chain so that all of their bread is being properly monitored, ensuring consistency. Each batch has its own carefully designed time to be prepared, baked, and held.

The TT-500 timer from Kitchen Brains displays where the bread is located both physically and within the preparation process, allowing users to move and start a new batch when needed. Once the bread reaches its final holding place, a time is set to alert the staff at expiration. Kitchen Brains is continuing to develop products for this chain featuring next generation technology for the most controlled kitchen. The flexible capabilities of Kitchen Brains timers allow convenience store operators the ability to use an assembly drawing or process sheet to complement their store format. Each process is organized so the holding times are displayed by food item and location. When the bread is finished cooking, it moves to the holding cabinet and then out for sale.

Each step requires a set of times and alerts to make the move quickly, allowing the product to be consistently up to the highest standards. Integrating Genius Suite applications from Kitchen Brains provides new ways to run a Smart Commercial Kitchen®. These products consistently help deliver the best in customer service and food excellence. Kitchen Brains is proud to be a partner with this convenience store chain and assist them in continuing to impress all parts of the foodservice industry. #teamGENIUS