Del Taco upgrades to Kitchen Brains Timers to Improve Efficiency

The (FASTIMER)® TT-500 is one of the most innovative and versatile commercial kitchen timers in the foodservice industry. Due to its beneficial components and flexibility, Del Taco has recently upgraded all their kitchen timers to the TT-500. Del Taco has over 500 stores specializing in Mexican cuisine as well as American food, using fresh ingredients made to order. The TT-500 is easy to operate and has additional features which maximizes the timer’s use in the kitchen. “We now have the ability to program automatic alerts or reminders that target specific tasks within our restaurants.

Whether it’s a reminder for our employees to wash their hands or filter the oil, the alerts help us manage our kitchens better.” says Stacy Marler, Senior Director of Quality Assurance and Food Safety at Del Taco. The TT-500 ensures that all product is being cooked properly, meeting the highest standards for quality and food safety. Employees at Del Taco have benefitted from the TT-500 because of its easy to use functions. With its built-in product build card library, employees can easily access a library of digitized build cards as a quick reference for each ingredient in a product build. The LCD touch screen displays an image of each product which is already programmed to the set recipe and time needed to cook the batch.

Each timer has the ability to time a virtually unlimited amount of products, including multiple batches of each product, increasing productivity. All of Kitchen Brains’ innovative timers are created to turn your facility into a smart commercial kitchen. Del Taco has maintained a loyal customer base by using fresh, quality product throughout its stores. Kitchen Brains is proud to be a partner with Del Taco and looks forward to assisting the company with continued success. #teamGENIUS