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Restaurant Operators

Drive profits, reduce labor costs and add efficiencies with robust, best-in-class solutions.-Read more


Equipment Manufacturers

Enhance your equipment and competitive advantage with our state-of-the-art custom solutions.-Read more


Commercial Kitchens

Establish institution-wide visibility and control across foodservice operations with market-proven solutions.-Read more

Kitchen Brains 360™

Global Performance. Proven Results. The only fully-integrated solution with a proven track record worldwide.
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Featured Products

(FASTRON.)® VISION™ Series Process Controller

The VC-210 Process Controller is available for most fryer and appliance types.

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(FASTRON.)® VISION Series Controller Model VC-220

Insures consistent food quality and enhanced food safety by precisely controlling heat demand dur

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VISION Series Vertical Control — Model LVVC

Kitchen Brains® (FASTRON.)® VISION Series Vertical Appliance Controllers offer extensive input/ou

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BB Timers

Introducing the BB4 and BB8 Battery Timers, the first battery timers with the professional

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Kitchen Brains® Elite Series ™

Introducing The Elite Series from Kitchen Brains®, the most advanced group of touchscreen timers

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