Intelligent Commercial Kitchen Automation

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

7 decades of optimizing food production, calming a stressed workforce, and meeting a brand promise.

From behind the register to the manager’s office

Middle of House

The Middle of House™ (MoH™) is the heart of the restaurant – and it is also flyover territory for digital integration.

The kitchen team of today – and tomorrow – are digital natives. Instead of giving them digital tools they are familiar with, they are stuck with manual processes and antiquated equipment. Frustration builds and leads to continuous turnover.

A calm kitchen is one tap away.

It’s time to connect the commercial kitchen.

Digital tools are available to streamline every process in the commercial kitchen, yielding data for the manager to boost top-line revenue and automating protocols to make life less stressful for the staff.


Middle of House™ Controls for Konnection

From timers all the way up to multi-parameter touchscreen controllers, we have digital tools to serve the commercial kitchen.


Middle of House™ Intelligence

Empower all your devices to speak with each other. No matter the make. We have an API to enable that. Align the Middle of House™ with store and corporate initiatives.

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You can win with better controls and timers.

Middle of House™ Controls for Konnection

Digital tools support the back of house in sourcing ingredients and the front of house in processing orders.

The middle of house™ is where the brand promise of quality food is kept or broken. It’s time to empower the staff to deliver on that promise on every order by making a digital investment in the commercial kitchen.







Kitchen Brains embedded controls and 300% Quality Inspection.

We were born in the commercial kitchen.

You may ask what makes us so confident in our ability to deliver. It’s our history. We literally invented this space. Starting with Hardee’s in 1969 and KFC soon after, we were the secret weapon in their commercial kitchens that helped them ascend to the top of the QSR market.

And when operators chose to overhaul the front of house – a long-overdue upgrade to customer experience, it left the middle of the house as the next frontier to conquer.

And we had that terrain staked out and transforming a long time ago.

Headquartered in Stratford, CT, USA, since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.


The Perfect French Fry
The first-ever cooking computer for QSR commercial kitchens is pioneered by Ben Koether in partnership with Hardees, the inaugural customer. The new brand is launched as FAST.)® Food Automation-Service Techniques, Inc.


Harnessing the Microprocessor
Launches first-generation microprocessor cooking computers and deployed first M2M controllers. European business expands with the support of a U.K. office selling (FASTRON)® products.


Licensed First Software MoH™ Solutions

Entrusted with nationwide oven-controller rollouts, introduced new ZAP and TRACKER™ timers with touch-screens, licensed the first production management software, and expanded the business into South Africa, Japan & China.


Connecting the Commercial Kitchen
Continued innovation in software and wireless protocol licensing through global brands and OEMS, with Kitchen Brains® acquiring Modularm® to monitor and report kitchen temperature requirements, both hot and cold.


MoH Connectivity

Kitchen management solutions
implemented in 2,000+ commercial kitchens, supported by SMART IoT
Controls and Timers, connecting to enterprise software KitchenKorrect™ that offers predictive data to help better deliver the brand promise.

We’re digitally transforming our storefront:

And we’re starting by offering our foundational products direct to you.