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Kitchen Brains is looking for talented individuals who are energetic, technology savvy and out-of-the-box thinkers to join our team to design and build loT (Internet of Things) devices and software being deployed in commercial restaurants and food service locations world-wide. We seek committed professionals to join us in our pursuit of excellence in the way we capture market share, innovate products and solutions, serve our clients and reinforce our brand. In return, we provide challenge, opportunity, learning, career development and satisfaction to our employees. This is a win-win proposition aimed at fostering a culture of success for all of our stakeholders. Even if your past experience does not specifically match any of the current job openings, we encourage top-rated candidates looking to move into the next Internet revolution to submit their resumes for consideration as we can always find a place in our growing organization for exceptionally talented individuals who have a proven track record of stellar achievements.

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