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Kitchen Brains® line of (FAST.)® TRACKER™ Timers come in an array of sizes (horizontally and vertically) to serve as grilling, frying, holding and oven timers. The electronic timers can precisely time any combination of products – up to 24 – throughout the kitchen, prompting action with audible tone and flashing display. The LED timer illuminates to let you know the progress of each timing cycle pre and post action alarm. Day Part menus (available on 222 and 223 TRACKER™ Timer Models only) enable the operator to step through four menu options with the touch of a button for specific menu needs.

  • Intuitive Messaging: program unique words for product name and action alarm messages
  • Displays can show time or product names
  • Across-the-kitchen status monitoring and audible alerts with easy to read green LED timer interfaces
  • Count up or count down options
  • 3 status LEDs per product key
  • Flexible tilt mounting
  • 6 unique alarm sounds and 3 volume levels
  • 4 menu day parts selectable on Models 222 & 223 only
  • 90-240VAC power
  • 240 VAC (Please contact our international office directly for ordering information.)
  • 24/7 technical phone support
  • CE, UR, UL, NDP, RoHS

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TRACKER™ Timer 2x3
TRACKER™ Timer 2x4
TRACKER™ Timer 2x6
TRACKER™ Timer 4x4
TRACKER™ Timer 8x1