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Scrub Buddy™

Scrub Buddy

Introducing Scrub Buddy™

The only all-in-one scheduled handwashing reminder and timer.


Ensuring timely and proper employee handwashing in today’s COVID-19 environment is essential. Which is why the (FAST.)® team at Kitchen Brains created Scrub Buddy, the only all-in-one scheduled handwashing reminder and timer.

Scrub Buddy alerts up to eight employees every 30 minutes to wash their hands and times each handwash for 20 seconds, as recommended by the CDC in the U.S. and the NHS in the U.K. Managers can easily adjust the reminder time in programming mode, if required.

Scrub Buddy is durable, requires no installation and runs on four AA batteries. It can be mounted with its magnetic backing to most metal surfaces or permanently affixed with an optional bracket. Scrub Buddy is proudly built in the USA at Kitchen Brains factory in Stratford, Connecticut.


Here’s how Scrub Buddy works:

    An employee presses a designated key to initiate timing at the beginning of his/her shift

    The timer automatically starts counting down the first 00:20 handwash

    At 00:00, an audio alert advises that handwashing is complete

    Scrub Buddy then automatically begins a 30:00 reminder countdown

    At 00:00, the timer sends both audio and visual alerts, and "HAND" is displayed on the LCD screen

   Depending on programming, the following will occur next:

  • In manual mode, the employee presses the key to start the handwash countdown (this is the default program)
  • In hands-free mode, the timer automatically switches to the handwash countdown without the employee pressing the key
  • In either case, the timer will automatically restart the 30-minute reminder alert after the 20-second handwash timer concludes

   At the end of his/her shift, the employee presses the key for 3-seconds to end timing


For more information, or to order, please contact your Kitchen Brains dealer or call 1-800-327-8766 in the U.S. or +(0) 1268 544000 in the U.K.


Scrub Buddy.  wash. rinse. remind. repeat.