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Restaurant Operators

Labor Efficiency

Increase staff productivity and reduce the time spent training and onboarding.

Take the guesswork out of operations so employees can do their jobs properly on day one. Complex charts and guidebooks are replaced by user-friendly touchscreens with built-in intelligence to guide every step. Sensors and monitors eliminate the need for manual tracking and paper-based reports, improving accuracy at a fraction of the cost.


Food Quality

Make sure food is always hot, fresh and available to increase sales and guest satisfaction.

Our systems integrate directly with your equipment and POS system and analyze real-time sales, historical sales data and appropriate hold times. Clear instructions indicate when to start and stop cooking and ensure every product is cooked to perfection.


Food Safety

Reduce food waste, eliminate manual processes and ensure compliance.

When it comes to food safety, there’s no room for error. Our sensors monitor hot and cold temperatures while real-time alerts eliminate the need for staff to waste time tracking time and temperatures. Equipment malfunctions are identified immediately, eliminating waste. Electronic reports and audit trails replace costly, error-prone paper reports, streamlining compliance at every step.


Equipment Performance

Maximize up-time, enhance output and extend the life of your equipment.

Our monitors and controllers are built directly into your equipment: ovens, fryers, refrigeration units and holding cabinets. Real-time alerts indicate when problems arise so you can adjust settings, change oil or clean filters. When service is required, your local technician will be notified automatically, arriving with the correct parts needed to optimize performance.


Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy costs and extend the sustainability of your operations.

Decrease energy spend by improving equipment performance and reducing employee mistakes. Kitchen Brains monitors and sensors provide detailed reporting, helping you uncover opportunities. With SaaS-based software, you can identify wasteful activities and take appropriate action.



Brand Consistency

Make sure food is always hot, fresh and available to increase sales and guest satisfaction.

Connect diverse aspects of food preparation in one seamless environment. Our systems analyze real-time sales, historical data and hold times, instructing employees when to start and stop cooking. Maximize availability, minimize waste and track equipment settings to ensure they’re set to exact standards.


Accelerated Rollouts

Increase speed-to-market and stay ahead of the competition.

Monitor equipment performance and analyze real-time results to roll out new products sooner. Remote management capabilities give you the power to enact change across your network, so recipes can be deployed and/or modified instantly.


Operational Efficiency

Cut costs without sacrificing quality and quickly turn around underperforming units.

Kitchen Brains gives you more ways to:

  • Increase staff productivity
  • Reduce waste
  • Automate workflows
  • Lower energy costs
  • Improve equipment performance

Our fully integrated solution combines detailed reporting with remote management capabilities. Quickly incorporate standards and best practices to increase profitability at a store and network level.


Analytics and Reporting

Unlock opportunities that others miss.

Kitchen Brains captures millions of data points every day. As the only management platform with sensors and controllers built into kitchen equipment and workflows, Kitchen Brains generates information that you need to know now. Reports detailed HACCP compliance, food waste, equipment performance and more. See how to grow sales, cut costs and prevent fraud and theft.