Modularm® Environment Monitoring

Modularm® products keep watch over your location, saving energy, reducing the risk of food loss and keeping employees safe. Modularm® Refrigeration Monitoring Solutions, with Autoset™ technology, offer door-ajar, temperature, power failure and entrapment alarms. Modularm® Food Safety Manager tracks temperature and humidity anytime, anywhere food products are stored. Many Modularm® products offer remote connectivity and reporting via phone or the KBconnect™ IoT/Cloud.

Refrigeration Monitoring

Modularm® Temperature Monitoring System

Modularm® Temperature Monitoring Systems can be deployed just about anywhere you need to ensure food or operational safety. Systems include a network of battery powered, LoRaWAN long-range sensors that can be easily installed without an electrician. The sensors connect to a gateway, which transmits data either via LAN or cellular to the Kitchen Brains® Cloud. Users can view the current status and past history on any sensor, while out-of-range temperature alerts are automatically sent via message, phone or email.

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