Food Safety Manager (FSM)

Protect your brand, increase compliance, mitigate spoilage, and reduce labor with Food Safety Manager. One of the most crucial elements to any commercial kitchen is the ability to serve safe, high quality food. SCK® Food Safety Manager is a part of Kitchen Brains® Genius Suite, a growing family of cloud-based solutions that help support efficient operations, compliance with HACCP regulations, and the delivery of hot, fresh, available food in commercial kitchens. This unique monitoring solution converts manual written checklists to a paperless process, and simplifies the tracking of temperatures by automating the process. These checklist forms are completely customizable and are updated through one central portal. With flexible and seamless integration across platforms, Food Safety Manager can also be upgraded to monitor coolers and freezers with Kitchen Brains smart sensors for real time monitoring. FSM is the total solution for recording, collecting, and analyzing the information needed to run a successful kitchen. Switching to a paperless app engages all aspects of the restaurant to work together, increasing communication and reducing confusion and error. It is both IOS and Android compatible, and allows you to use the probe of your choice.