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Kitchen Brains® Elite Series ™


Introducing The Elite Series from Kitchen Brains®, the most advanced group of touchscreen timers and controllers on the market. This new series of Elite products provides a user friendly interface to enhance everyday kitchen work. With a high definition screen, video capability, and flexible mounting, the new Elite Series from Kitchen Brains® is designed for tomorrows “Smart Commercial Kitchen.” Each Kitchen Brains Timer and Controller is designed with our foodservice customer needs in mind to create the most effective system to run the whole back of house operation. By using images and sounds, the store manager can customize any product to match item menus and cook time and temperatures. Timers and Controllers vary in functionality depending on need, from simple touch timers and button controllers to custom designed software. Kitchen Brains products always involve the entire kitchen in the process of creating a perfect finished product. Timers and Controllers allow the kitchen staff to be aware of all things going on in the kitchen throughout the day.

  • Communicate from cook timer to production line timer and to transfer hold times from one production timer to another. Timer to timer communications ensure hold time transfers and product transfers with ease.
  • Recipe profiles, day parts, and store action alarms can be maintained and updated via USB with a wireless option available soon
  • Quick and easy to read summary screens show users food products which will require the next action in a clear and visible manner
  • Ability to delete and/or transfer all recipes at the end of the day with a press of a single button
  • Flexible Mounting
  • Save money and prolong appliance life with exclusive Kitchen Brains® features such as Setback, SMS, auto repair alarm, and more.
  • Reduce overshoot and ensure precise cooking
  • 5 in and 7in screen options
  • New, stronger, more durable screen


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