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Kitchen Brains Overview

Boost the performance of everyone, every day.


Boost the performance of everyone, every day. Thousands of restaurants rely on Kitchen Brains proven technologies to prepare quality food and run their businesses. Our innovative controllers, timers, sensors and IoT/Cloud solutions work directly with your existing equipment and business operations to:

  • Ensure food safety
  • Satisfy customers
  • Minimize waste
  • Deliver consistent product
  • Increase productivity
  • Maximize profits

Experience the Kitchen Brains advantage.


Deployed in over 130 countries and territories.


Over fifty years of successful global partnerships.


Continuously pioneering market transforming solutions.


Connecting and integrating multiple solutions across all leading equipment and software.


Collaboratively solving real world challenges today and tomorrow.


Leading the industry with innovative products and solutions.

50+ years of innovation and success

  • September 23, 1969

    Food Automation – Service Techniques, Inc. (FAST.)® founded. First customer, Hardee’s, orders 300 computers to ensure the perfectly cooked French fry.

  • 1973-74

    Expands into Europe and opens California office.Hardee’s, Arthur Treacher’s, Burger King, Friendly’s, Wendy’s and OEM Pitco adopt (FASTRON)® cooking controls.

  • 1980s

    Opens UK office. Launches first-generation microprocessor-controlled cooking computers and timers. Deploys first M2M controls. Expands headquarters and factory.

  • 1990s

    Expands into Japan and opens offices in Florida and South Africa. National rollout of oven controls for KFC’s Colonel’s Rotisserie Gold Program. Introduces ZAP and TRACKERTM timers.

  • Early 2000s

    Expands into China. Deploys industry’s first Smart Commercial Kitchen (SCK), a completely closed-loop end-to-end software solution for back-of-house food service operators. Henny Penny licenses SCK protocol.

  • Mid-2000s

    Launches VC-210 cooking control. Pioneers Xwire, industry’s first proprietary wireless protocol designed for Smart Commercial Kitchens. Rolls out oven control to Blodgett for KFC Grilled Chicken Program. First touch screen timer, TT-500, released. KFC GB licenses (FAST.)® first production management software application.

  • 2010-2012

    Acquires Modularm and enters the cold side of the business. Rolls out two-button TRACKERTM II Timer for Whataburger and TT-500 for Wawas.

  • 2013-2018

    (FAST.)® rebrands as Kitchen Brains. Implements global deployment of the Genius Suite of cloud-based applications, interfacing with stores and controls within stores, using wireless technologies. Receives the 2016 Kitchen Innovation Award for Food Safety Manager (FSM).

  • 2019-Today

    Goes live with KB360, an open IoT ecosystem integrating cloud, mobile, gateway and embedded devices. Launches new PCAP and resistive touch screens with smart interface boards that can be deployed with any appliance. Rolls out BB Battery Timers, Scrub Buddy Handwash Reminder & Timer and the Modularm 75LCT, available globally, with Bluetooth for local administration.