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Kitchen Brains 360™

Powerful connections. Proven performance.

Kitchen Brains 360™

The fully integrated kitchen management solution.

Not just smart.
Secure and scalable, too

The Kitchen Brains 360 platform undergoes regular security scans with best-in-class security tools as well as frequent, independent security audits.  Plus, hosting by Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the leading highly secure and most innovative cloud provider platforms in the world, assures maximum uptime and peace of mind.


Discover the connections you need to get ahead.

Your success depends on your ability to consistently deliver a quality experience in the most efficient way. Kitchen Brains makes it easy to orchestrate results across disparate technologies, streamlining work for everyone on your team.

Boost performance with the only fully-integrated solution that’s proven worldwide.

Now you can optimize, connect and integrate restaurant operations in one seamless in-store and cloud environment.

Powered by SaaS-based management software, Kitchen Brains 360TM is an open, interoperable and cloud-based platform that provides unique insight and real-time guidance. Effectively manage your equipment and environment through integrated controllers, timers and sensors utilizing our in-store Kitchen Advisor™, the brains of your kitchen.

KB 360 is software that connects everything, so you can:

  • Increase sales
  • Ensure product availability
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve coaching and compliance
  • Track performance
  • Enhance the guest experience

And so much more

Grow profits with 360-degree insights and intelligence.
A Genius Just Knows

Proven and deployed worldwide:


  • Quality Production Manager (QPM)
  • Food Safety Manager (FSM)
  • Set Point Manager (SPM)
  • Visual User Experience (VUE)

Easier to use than ignore.
So intuitive and simple, your team will know exactly how to deliver a consistent, high-quality guest experience.


Quality Production Manager

Ensure food is always hot, fresh and available.

The simple fact: You sell more when your products are always hot, fresh and available. Quality Product Manager (QPM) guides employees to improve efficiency, ensuring 100% product availability while increasing transactions and sales.

QPM monitors real-time sales, historical data and hold times to determine what, when and how much to cook, and when to discard expired product.

Sell them while they’re hot.

  • Increase transaction size and reduce dissatisfaction
  • Monitor product batch and hold times
  • Advise when food should no longer be sold
  • Provide a freshness measure by product and by shift
  • Reduce waste, lower overhead costs and drive efficiency.

Product availability is the #1 factor in increasing sales.


Food Safety Manager

Eliminate manual processes and help ensure compliance.

The Food Safety Manager (FSM) module automates workflows by collecting, recording and analyzing hot and cold temperatures. Now you can convert costly manual written checklists into a customizable paperless process with the information you need to run a successful kitchen.

Switch to digital sensors and a paperless app to track and record temperatures at regular intervals, increasing communication and reducing the chance for error.

Automate safety and compliance

  • Automate and replace time-wasting paper processes
  • Update forms immediately
  • Access completed checklists anywhere, anytime
  • Comply with HACCP standards
  • Generate automatic task reminders


Set Point Manager

Monitor and control your recipes and configurations from anywhere.

In the past, your valuable, proprietary recipes and configurations were managed and controlled on site. Save time, energy and money using Set Point Manager (SPM) anywhere at any time. By accessing recipes and set points from a single source in the cloud, SPM enhances food safety, ensures compliance, provides exceptional auditing and record keeping and reduces the cost of LTO deployments.

With SPM, you can monitor recipes and validate that every site is producing product based on exact standards. Adjust and add new recipes instantly in any number of locations for faster, more consistent product rollouts.

Say goodbye to manual updates.

  • Configure equipment anytime, anywhere
  • Eliminate the need for on-site management
  • Ensure appliances have proper menu updates
  • Schedule tasks in advance for consistent, reliable implementation


Visual User Experience

Manage operations across all locations on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Actively manage your business anytime, from anywhere, with our Visual User Interface (VUE) dashboard. VUE provides near real-time insights into key performance metrics, sharpening your focus and alerting you to issues or other situations that require immediate attention.

Use VUE to quickly monitor one or multiple locations with an easy-to-understand, visual representation of complex in-store data. With its custom-configured dashboard, you can track sales, quality metrics, equipment performance and more with any computer, tablet or smartphone. With VUE, you will be in the know, no matter where you are, allowing you to focus on what matters most, growing your business and bottom line.

Analyze informative data from any location on a single dashboard.

  • Visualize data, track trends and uncover opportunities
  • Receive real-time alerts when equipment malfunctions
  • Monitor operations in real time so you can respond quickly
  • Log HACCP data automatically
  • Generate reports by day, week or month