KBconnect™ leverages Kitchen Brains® advanced technologies to seamlessly connect, optimize and integrate operations for one or more locations, enabling users to effectively monitor and manage their equipment and environment through a range of IoT devices, including controllers, timers and sensors. Appliance and brand agnostic, KBconnect™ delivers alerts and detailed analytics in real-time to store, regional, national and global management via any connected device.


KBconnect™ is the result of nearly 25 years of Kitchen Brains’ connected kitchen experience and, due to its appliance/brand agnostic approach and total number of IoT-ready controllers, is the leading connectivity platform in the industry.

Kitchen Brains’ leadership role began in 1988 with the launch of the first connected commercial kitchen, which employed M2M (machine-to-machine) wired controllers. That was followed in the mid-90’s by the implementation of the SCK protocol with IoT-ready communication ports in many FAST controllers. In the 2000’s, Kitchen Brains® developed X-Wire, a proprietary wireless connectivity solution based on the Zigbee protocol.

Today, with more than 500,000 IoT-ready controllers and multiple connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, LoRa and cellular, KBconnect™ brings together Kitchen Brains® years of experience and provides the foodservice industry with the most complete and proven connected kitchen platform.

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