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(FASTRON.)® VISION Series Controller Model VC-220


Insures consistent food quality and enhanced food safety by precisely controlling heat demand during cooking, holding, grilling and more.

The Kitchen Brains® (FASTRON.)® VISION Series VC-220 Appliance Controller is a freestanding unit that monitors the temperature and moistness of the product and adjusts the cooking temperature and time as needed to ensure a consistently cooked, quality product. The (FAST.) controller keeps cook and hold times in the “safe” zone to prevent issues related to food safety. It’s an ideal appliance controller for grills or holding cabinets.

  • Action prompts by audible tone, flashing display and LED indicators
  • Easily switches from English to Spanish by pressing a button on the front panel.
  • 8 product keys—start up to 8 timing cycles at once. Each product key has up to 11 programmable stages.
  • Bright VFD display: 2-lines with 16 characters each for intuitive prompting.
  • 3 indicator lamps (red, green & yellow) to provide individual indication of stage modes.
  • 24/7 technical phone support

For more information about Kitchen Brains® VISION Series External Appliance Controllers or to place an order, please call 1-800-FASTRON or email

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