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Kitchen Brains® (FAST.)® MERIDIAN™ Timers offer greater functionality than our ZAP timers. These digital programmable timers prompt cook operators to perform a function during a timing cycle, such as flipping the burgers, shaking the fries or buttering the baguettes. The MERIDIAN™ timers can be set to prompt any action, including refreshing the salad bar, hand washing and more. Once the cooking cycle is complete, the digital programmable timer can become a count up timer for holding cabinets.


  • MERIDIAN™ timer offers 10 or 18-product keys to support large menus
  • Digital programmable timer with intuitive messaging enables operators to customize names and action alarms
  • Across-the-kitchen restaurant monitoring includes audible and visual alerts
  • Count up timer monitors holding times to ensure 100% product freshness
  • Changeable menu strips with globalized function icons
  • Optional: Product and action alarm name library
  • Optional: Adjustable audio alarm levels
  • Optional: Diagnostic feature to assist with testing all inputs and outputs
  • Optional: SCK software offers HACCP reporting and automated online kitchen management
  • International Option: 240 VAC (Please contact our international office directly for ordering information.)

* Call for quote.

(FASTIMER.)® MERIDIAN™ Timers - 10 Product
(FASTIMER.)® MERIDIAN™ Timers - 18 Product
(FASTIMER.)® MERIDIAN™ Plus - 10 Product
(FASTIMER.)® MERIDIAN™ Plus - 18 Product