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The NAFEM Show – February 7th – 9th, 2019 – Orlando, FL

AKFCF Convention – February 7th – 10th, 2019 – Orlando, FL

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Employee of the Month

July – Ryan Cavallaro

Kitchen Brains is proud to award our Computer and Electronics Technician, Ryan Cavallaro, with July’s Team Member of the Month. Ryan has been with the company for 2 years now and works quietly behind the scenes to keep production running smoothly. Not only is he always willing to help wherever needed, but Ryan continues to come up with improvements to test set ups that save time for production. This month, we thank Ryan for being such an asset to our team. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

June – Simon Ma & Vince Navikas

Congratulations to two of our longest tenured engineers, Vince Navikas, Hardware Engineer, and Simon Ma, Senior Software Engineer, on earning June’s Team Member of the Month award. Both Vince & Simon have worked extra-long hours to solve a pressing problem and their time and effort has really paid off. They are true team players and we are lucky to have them on our team! Congratulations, Vince and Simon. Much deserved!

May – Darison Dorival

For the month of May, we are excited to announce that our Tech Support Specialist, Darison Dorival, has won “Team Member” of the Month. Darison is currently our most knowledgeable Hardware Tech Support Specialist making him an extremely valuable member of our team. He is always very professional, never lets a disgruntled customer get the best of him and is ALWAYS willing to help. Darison has been specifically helpful with pre NRA (National Restaurant Association) Show preparations, helping the team make sure everything is in order, programming and testing products.

April – Tom Egan

Congratulations to our Inventory Control Manager, Tom Egan, for winning April’s Employee of the Month. Tom is a true team player which is why he is so valuable to our team.  When things get busy, Tom’s can-do attitude helps everyone keep calm and carry on resulting in not only a less stressful environment but increased productivity. We appreciate all of Tom’s time and effort spent making this year’s physical inventory a success. Congratulations, Tom! We’re lucky to have someone like you on our team.

March – Cortney Beckett

A very special congratulations to March’s Employee of the Month, our Social Media Aficionado, Cortney Beckett. Cortney’s positive attitude, ambition and energy is what makes us so lucky to have her as part of our team of exemplary employees. We are truly thankful for her all of her efforts and for always being so willing to take on new projects and assignments. Congratulations, Cortney! Thank you for greatly enhancing Kitchen Brains visibility through your social media and writing skills. We wish to spend many more successful years with you.

February – Hugo Meija

For the month of February, we are excited to announce that our SaaS Technical Support Specialist, Hugo Meija, has won Employee of the Month! Hugo provides technical support and troubleshooting services to end-users who need assistance with their equipment, both hardware and software. This month marks Hugo’s 17th year with us here at Kitchen Brains. He is the first one here in the morning and the last one to leave. Hugo’s loyalty, generosity and ambition are traits we are so grateful to have on our team. Congratulations to Hugo!

January – David Nemeth

Congratulations to our IT Systems Administrator, David Nemeth, for winning January’s Employee of the Month. David has only been here for a few months, but his work has positively impacted nearly every one of us here at Kitchen Brains. Not only is David an incredibly nice person to be around, but his hard work and dedication help our company function to its highest potential. Whenever there is a problem, David has an answer and for that, we are so grateful to have him as a member of our team. Congrats to David for being the first Employee of the Month of 2018!

December – Walter Ruilova

A special congratulations to our Materials Supervisor, Walter Ruilova, in our Shipping Department for winning December’s Employee of the Month. Walter has been with us since 1999 which speaks volume to the kind of hard-working, dedicated, and loyal employee he is. Walter stays late to ensure shipments get out the door and personally drops off at UPS or Fedex if need be. Today, we thank Walter for continuing to demonstrate such an inspiring work ethic during his many years with us. Congratulations, Walter! We are very lucky to have you around.

November – Andrew Pinto

For the month of November, Kitchen Brains is proud to award our Sales Operations Associate, Andrew Pinto, with Employee of the Month. Having only worked here for a few years, Andrew brings broad innovation and ambition to the Sales team. This month, Andrew implemented a new technology tool that helps with procurement and production. This has significantly increased the quality of communication between the not only the Sales department but also the Service department. Congratulations, Andrew, you deserve it! Keep up the hard work.

October – Ben Koether

Congratulations to October’s Employee of the Month, Kitchen Brains very own President, Founder, and CEO, Ben Koether. For nearly 50 years, Ben has led this company with the same passion, dedication, and determination that he encompassed when he first founded (FAST.)®, now known as Kitchen Brains. Today, we thank him for all of his hard work and for continuing to be so involved with his company. This place would certainly not be the same without him. Congrats, Ben, you have long deserved this recognition.


Check back soon for more info!

Community Events

Weight Loss Challenges

For the past year, one of Kitchen Brains top initiatives was promoting wellness and being active. Since spring of 2015, we have participated in three different weight loss challenges. The most recent one, the “Double Down Challenge” came to an end on April 26th. Overall, the company lost over 1,057 pounds from our last four challenges! We are proud to announce the top three teams with the highest percentage of weight loss; “Step Of” coming in first place, followed by “Team Low Cal” in second and “Shake it Off” in third!

Double Down Challenge

The Double Down Weight Loss Challenge is another company initiative to stay healthy and active. Teams of two work hard over the next eight weeks to achieve their weight loss goal. The top three teams with double digit percentage of weight loss win prizes and bragging rights. #teamGENIUS #teamGENIUSgetshealthy

Fun with Fitness

As part of the company’s wellness initiative, Kitchen Brains is having a Fun with Fitness activity challenge. The idea is to stay active – receive points for different activities you do. The more active you are, the more points you receive. This challenge runs March 1st – April 30th. #teamGENIUS #teamGENIUSgetshealthy

Food Drive/Toy Drive

To get ready for the upcoming holidays, Kitchen Brains will be having a Thanksgiving Food Drive and Christmas Toy Drive! Boxes will be placed in both upstairs and downstairs cafeteria from the beginning of November to the end of December. Keep your holiday spirit alive and donate to those in need!


Fairfield University Fall Career Fair – Wednesday, September 28th – 11AM – 2PM

Fairfield University Career Fairs are popular among job seekers and employers alike. They offer opportunities for individuals seeking employment, or in some cases internships, to meet with several employers. Fairfield University creates a community that challenges students academically while connecting talents and values with societal needs. The typical Fairfield student has a strong work ethic, analytical and communication skills, leadership, and problem solving ability.

University of New Haven Fall Career Fair – Thursday, September 29th – 10AM – 2PM

The University of New Haven provides its students with a unique combination of a solid liberal arts education and real-world, hands-on career and research opportunities. The Career Development Center helps students with the assessment of career skills and interests, the exploration of career and major options, preparation and assistance in locating internships and experience-based opportunities.

Sacred Heart University Fall Career Fair – Wednesday, October 19th -1:00PM – 4:30PM

At the annual Sacred Heart University Internship and Career Fair at the William H.