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Equipment Manufacturers


A $1+ Million Capital Investment in 2020

Kitchen Brains is investing over $1 million in state-of-the-art technologies and equipment as part of USA2020, our commitment to increasing the capabilities, capacity and quality control of our U.S. manufacturing facility.


Advanced Technology

Take advantage of the most advanced and proven solutions. Kitchen Brains stands as the leader with a 50-year track record of ongoing innovation.


Custom Solutions

Collaborate with Kitchen Brains to develop competitive solutions for food service operators. Given our close relationship with most every quick service brand, we can help you innovate, differentiate and sell more products.


Speed to Market

Deliver products sooner and stay ahead of the competition. Engineered in the United States with offices around the world, Kitchen Brains delivers high-quality components on time and on budget.


Built-in Analytics

Accelerate in-market testing and roll out products faster. Built-in sensors and monitors provide fast, real-time insights to corporate executives and managers and alert service technicians when issues arise.


Partner Opportunities

Working directly with brand executives and equipment engineers, Kitchen Brains will uncover solutions to solve specific challenges. The results are one-of-a-kind products and multimillion-dollar deals for our OEM partners.