Kitchen Brains warrants all new timers, computers and controllers for one (1) year from the date of shipment. Kitchen Brains warrants all other items for a period of 90 days, unless otherwise stated at the time of shipment.

Exchange Program
If your Kitchen Brains (FAST.) product has failed, to ensure minimal downtime, you can call our Tech Support hotline at 1-800-FASTRON (800-327-8766) to have a replacement unit immediately shipped to you. Upon receipt of the replacement unit, simply return the failed unit to the factory, freight prepaid, using the same carton and packing material in which the replacement unit was shipped. The unit will be replaced free of charge, if still under warranty, and if the product shows no evidence of abuse or alteration. If the unit is not under warranty, you will pay repair charges and shipping costs to and from the factory. Any minor adjustment or calibration and any labor costs for the replacement of probes will be made at your expense. The FAST Exchange Program is available to any FAST Domestic Customer whose account is current, and applies to all FAST Timers (excluding ZAP), Computers and Controllers.

Repair & Return
Rather than order a replacement unit, you may choose to return it for repair at the factory. Simply call the Kitchen Brains FAST Tech Support hotline at 1-800-FASTRON (800-327-8766) to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Both in and out of warranty, the user is responsible for shipping the defective unit to Kitchen Brains under the RMA. Approximately six working days after our receipt of the unit, Kitchen Brains will return the repaired unit to you by prepaid UPS shipping.

If the product is under warranty or is covered by an extended warranty, the product will be repaired at no additional charge. For products not covered by a warranty or contract, the FAST technician will quote you a flat repair fee at the time the RMA is issued, payable by credit card, a pre-approved FAST account, or C.O.D. If the defective product is severely damaged, we may not be able to repair it to your satisfaction, in which case a Kitchen Brains FAST technician will contact you to suggest an appropriate replacement product.

Find a Service Agent
In most cases, we do not recommend Repair & Return due to the turnaround time. You may have an authorized technician come to your location. To find the nearest service agent, complete the form below.


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