Kitchen Brains is unique in its ability to bring together various aspects of a modern food service establishment by focusing on the heart of the business: the kitchen. Assimilating information from previously disparate systems and appliances, our Kitchen Brains suite of products and applications deliver solutions independently or collectively to Food Service Operators (FSOs) in the areas of Food Quality & Availability, Food Safety, Labor Productivity, Asset Management, Energy Management, Asset Utilization and more.

The Kitchen Brains SCK Partnership Program

  • Ensures that our partners share the same vision to collectively provide ever increasing REWARDS and results to the Foodservice Operators;
  • Ensures that your products are properly classified within the program in order for Foodservice Operators to understand the types of integration AVAILABLE for their maximum benefit;
  • Ensures mutual confidentiality of proprietary information;
  • Provides all necessary components and information to allow for the appropriate integration between the Kitchen Brains applications and Partner products and applications.

Each Kitchen Brains application requires varying degrees of integration, at various integration points, with unique and/or overlapping requirements. OVERVIEW documents are available for the specific application(s) and by the desired integration approach. Integration methods include by way of example: CanBus, Ethernet XML, GSM, Lonmark, Modbus, NAFEM, RS485, RS232, SPI, USB, Wi-Fi and Xwire. If you have an interface not listed here, we will be happy to work with you to include it. We have found that delivering common network architecture provides the lowest cost of deployment and support for Foodservice Operators.

The Kitchen Brains Partnership Business Case Application allows you to further define the specific application integration of interest.

Inquiries related to our Partnership Program should be directed to Bill McClain at 203-380-3524 in Stratford, CT.
FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Kitchen Brains Partnership Program, please Contact Us.