Hot. Fresh. Available. Safe.

Working side-by-side with restaurants around the world for over 45 years, Kitchen Brains has helped to consistently deliver this high quality of food. Most of our employees have worked in commercial kitchens, many of them are ServSafe® certified, and several of our staff are Certified Food Service Professionals (CFSP). It’s the only industry we serve, so you know we share your concerns.
In those years, we have perfected solutions for the wide range of concerns the managers of commercial kitchens face:

• Maintaining food temperatures and hygiene,
• Rising labor and utility costs,
• Producing consistently delicious food quality, and
• An increasingly complicated front and back of the house.

Our timers, controllers, freezer monitors, and ability to remotely monitor your commercial kitchen appliances have brought modern simplicity to the kitchen, resulting in:

• Higher food quality,
• Control over your increasingly complex kitchens,
• Labor savings and lower training costs,
• Utility savings,
• Lower insurance costs.

Kitchen Brains is in partnership with you, and we welcome your input, questions, and suggestions. Together we will provide the safest, most delicious food that our contemporary world has ever known.

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