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Kitchen Brains® Adds Global KB360 Deployments and Third-Party Integrators - 06/27/2019

STRATFORD, Conn., – June 27, 2019 – Kitchen Brains, the leading provider of IoT connectivity and control systems for commercial kitchens, has released QPM v4.1, which includes batch tag printing capabilities and welcomes Winston Industries to a growing list of third-party integrators to the KB360™ ecosystem.  Now deployed in more than 10 countries, QPM is one of the KB360™ applications for the Smart Commercial Kitchen® and the most accurate closed-loop production management system in the foodservice industry.  

Kitchen Brains® Appoints Anna Brechoteau, Director of IoT Enterprise Solutions - 06/24/2019

STRATFORD, Conn., – June 24, 2019 – Kitchen Brains, a leading provider of IoT connectivity and control systems for commercial kitchens, announces the appointment of Anna Brechoteau as Director of IoT Enterprise Solutions.   Located in Dallas, Anna will support Kitchen Brains growing customer base, while advancing the worldwide expansion and implementation of QPM360, the Quality Production Management Module in the KB360TM suite of connected kitchen applications.  

Kitchen Brains® Appoints Dave Jendal Vice President, Global Business Solutions - 06/19/2019

STRATFORD, Conn., – June 19, 2019 – Kitchen Brains, a leading provider of IOT connectivity and control systems for commercial kitchens, announces the appointment of Dave Jendal as Vice President, Global Business Solutions.   Dave will be based in Dallas and lead the worldwide expansion of Kitchen Brains industry-leading technology and cloud-based solutions that increase productivity at major restaurant chains and supply customized controls to food service equipment manufacturers.

Kitchen Brains Appoints R. Timothy Thaler as Vice President of Strategic Accounts – 11/14/2017

STRATFORD, Conn., – November 14, 2017 – Kitchen Brains, the global leader in timers, controls, temperature monitoring, and IoT applications for the commercial kitchen/foodservice industry, is adding to its sales force for the purpose of offering innovation, constant support and rewarding results to our customers. Today, we announce with great pleasure that, R. Tim Thaler, has joined our sales team as Vice President – Strategic Accounts, reporting directly to Executive Vice President, Christian D. Koether.  

Kitchen Brains® Partners with Grindmaster-Cecilware™ to Demonstrate IoT Enabled Radiance Cappuccino Dispenser System at NRA 2016 – 05/17/2016

STRATFORD,Conn.-Kitchen Brains proudly announces its partnership with Grindmaster-Cecilware for IoT technology on the Cecilware Radiance, a top-of–the-line cappuccino delivery system, which includes a real-time connection to the Davisware GlobalEdge platform. Radiance utilizes Kitchen Brains leading edge IoT technology to deliver real-time, actionable equipment performance data. Kitchen Brains IoT platform communicates Radiance performance information to Davisware’s GlobalEdge platform, generating automatic notification and dispatch of service providers.  

Davisware and Kitchen Brains Partner to Put Service of Appliances on Internet of Things (IoT) – 05/10/2016

Integration between Davisware GlobalEdge and Kitchen Brains SCK® Genius Suite automates restaurant appliance service  

Kitchen Brains CEO Speaks on the Internet of Things in Commercial Kitchens at Restaurant Leadership Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona – 04/04/2016

STRATFORD, Conn.-Mario Ceste, Kitchen Brains CEO, is one of seven selected participants to give presentations on incorporating IoT technologies at the Innovation Forum at the annual Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC) in Scottsdale, Arizona on April 6th.   Ceste will join a handful of the brightest professionals in foodservice to present the latest insights and opportunities available to the industry, speaking specifically on creating intelligent kitchens which can think for themselves through the application of IoT technologies.  

HotSchedules and Kitchen Brains Partner to Put Appliances on Internet of Things (IoT) - 03/30/2016

Integration between the Kitchen Brains SCK® Quality Production Manager (QPM) and the HotSchedules IoT Platform will eliminate IT barriers and ensure that food is hot, fresh and available.

Jeff Tonkovic Named OEM Sales Director at Kitchen Brains – 06/10/2015

STRATFORD, CT – Food service industry veteran, Jeff Tonkovic, has been named the Kitchen Brains OEM Sales Director. He will report directly to Ed Musial, Vice President of Business Development. Hiring Tonkovic, based in Chicago, continues the Kitchen Brains growth strategy initiated this year with the expansion to Latin American and the EMEA markets. The ambitious plan includes expanded support of current customers as well as building additional capabilities and bringing value-added solutions to new and existing markets and foodservice partners.

Kitchen Brains Partners With Canvas – 05/05/2015

Paperless Food Safety Manager Introduced for Foodservice Industry. Stratford, CT – Kitchen Brains, the global leader in timers, controls and SaaS solutions for the commercial kitchen/foodservice industry, has partnered with Canvas to create the SCK Food Safety Manager application, FSM Easy, which eliminates paper HACCP forms and checklists. It is the simplest, remote monitoring solution for automating food safety temperature tracking and manual checklists.

Kitchen Brains to Unveil New Apps at NAFEM Show 2015 – 02/21/2015

Food Safety Manager and Smart Energy Manager are the Latest in Kitchen Brains Growing Family of Genius Suite Applications


Remembering Our Heroes

We are forever grateful for the services of our Armed Forces and we remember the fallen that have sacrificed their lives. This Memorial Day let us remember the heroic men and women who have served our country. We proudly stand with all citizens, soldiers and veterans to show our respect to those who gave the ultimate price for this great nation. We humbly honor them and acknowledge the gift all veterans, have given to us – our freedom. We, at Kitchen Brains, commemorate all Americans in the Military Service who lost their lives fighting for our country.

What is Your Biggest Food Safety Concern?

Temperature Monitoring? Quality Assurance? Kitchen Cleanliness? Many factors have contributed to the rising concerns about food safety. No restaurant or fast casual chain wants a brand crisis from poor food safety. Kitchen Brains booth #5353 at the #NRAShow will be offering a solution to all of your foodservice concerns. Visit us during the show and talk to a member of #teamGENIUS, to find out how SCK® Food Safety Manager can protect your brand, increase compliance, mitigate spoilage and reduce labor.

Experience a 30-Day Free Trial of FSM Checklist

In honor of SCK Food Safety Manager receiving a Kitchen Innovations award from the National Restaurant Association, we are giving everyone the opportunity to try FSM Checklist for free! Take advantage of a 30-day free trial of this app to keep your kitchen compliant and efficient. Simply download the FSM Checklist app on Google play or the Apple Store, and scan the QR code to create your account. Look out for the code during the NRA Show on our social media or ask a member of #teamGENIUS at booth 5353!

Kitchen Brains® Partners with Grindmaster-Cecilware™ to Demonstrate IoT Enabled Radiance Cappuccino Dispenser System at NRA 2016

2016 has been filled with new and exciting news for #teamGENIUS! We are happy to announce our partnership with Grindmaster-Cecilware™ for IoT technology on Radiance, a top-of-the-line cappuccino delivery system. Our IoT platform has expanded with the integration of Davisware’s GlobalEdge to generate automatic notification and dispatch of service providers. Through the interoperability between Kitchen Brains, Davisware and Grindmaster-Cecilware, Radiance has become a top industry product, resulting in an increase in productivity and satisfied customers.

Take a Selfie with Sir Ebral at NRA 2016

This year, we are giving away a brand new Apple Watch Sport to one lucky winner. Come to booth #5353 and take a selfie with Sir Ebral, our company mascot! Post your favorite selfie on Twitter using hashtag #selfiewithSirEbral, and tag @kitchenbrains. The selfie with the most retweets will be the lucky winner! Throughout the show, @Sir_Ebral will be retweeting his favorite selfies, so be sure to pick a good one. The winner will be announced after the show has ended, so if you do not follow us, now is your time to do so.

Kitchen Brains and Davisware Partner to Put Service of Appliances on Internet of Things (IoT)

We are proud to announce a partnership that has been on the horizon for a long time; Davisware and Kitchen Brains. The integration of the Davisware Global Edge and Global Warranty applications along with the Kitchen Brains SCK® Genius Suite create an intelligent asset management and automated service dispatch platform.This partnership has been a breakthrough in the foodservice industry, giving restaurants the ability to leverage millions of IoT capable control devices that have been installed in restaurant appliances during the last twenty years. #teamGENIUS

Are You Ready for NRA 2016?

NRA 2016 is quickly approaching! Visit Kitchen Brains booth #5353 from May 21st – 24th. We will be displaying an array of our Kitchen Brains products for your Smart Commercial Kitchen. The Genius Suite of SaaS Apps, (FAST).® signature products, and the Modularm Product line will all be showcased, with a member of #teamGENIUS ready to answer your questions. Come learn how our products work in unison to deliver hot, fresh, available food! SCK® Food Safety Manager (FSM), one of the Genius Suite of SaaS apps, was recently recognized as a recipient of the 2016 Kitchen Innovations® Award.

Kitchen Brains® Modularm Product Line will Eliminate Your Worries About Worker Safety

“A kitchen worker died after she was apparently trapped inside of a walk-in freezer for about 13 hours at a downtown Atlanta hotel, police said Tuesday.” Read the full story here. It is tragic stories like these that make you aware of the importance of the safety of company equipment and facilities. At Kitchen Brains, we strive to innovate in the field of refrigeration equipment safety; our products are specifically developed in order to prevent such unfortunate mishaps.

Kitchen Brains CEO Speaks on the Internet of Things

On April 6th, Mario Ceste, Kitchen Brains CEO, is honored to represent Kitchen Brains at the annual Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC) in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here, Mario will join a handful of the brightest professionals in foodservice to present the latest opportunities available to the industry, specifically, creating intelligent kitchens which can think for themselves through the application of IoT technologies.

Kitchen Brains and HotSchedules Partner to Put Appliances on Internet of Things (IoT)

Today, Kitchen Brains is proud to announce we have partnered with HotSchedules, a leading provider of cloud-based mobile technology for the restaurant, retail, and hospitality industries. Being a company that specializes in the efficiency of the Smart Commercial Kitchen®, we felt it was only right for our path to cross with HotSchedules, a company that focuses on making working for and in restaurants more efficient. In partnering with HotSchedules, Kitchen Brains SCK® Quality Production Manager (QPM) will become one with the HotSchedules IoT Platform.

Company News

Schmid Dewland Associates Joins Kitchen Brains As Manufacturer’s Rep

With great pleasure, Kitchen Brains is excited to announce that we have added another established Manufacturing Rep Group to our team. Representing the nation’s leading food service equipment manufacturers throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware since 1960, Schmid Dewland Associates will provide expert, personalized assistance and superior customer service to our customers.

Elevation Foodservice Reps Join Kitchen Brains As Manufacturer’s Rep

Elevation, a well renowned, B2B, U.S. Foodservice Representative Group, has jumped on the Kitchen Brains® Brandwagon! As of May 2018, Elevation’s extensive team of in-house specialists will provide unique insight into the industry challenges facing our customers. With multiple locations spanning Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and part of Texas, Elevations efforts will optimize Kitchen Brains® relationship with our customers. Additional information about our newest and current partnerships can be found here:

The YES Group Joins Kitchen Brains As Manufacturer’s Rep

Bringing quality representation to Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and part of Michigan, we are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with The YES Group. Recognized as the leading foodservice equipment and supplies sales organization in the upper Midwest with over 350+ years of experience, The YES Group will provide our customers exceptional customer experiences before, during and after the sale. Welcome to the team, The YES Group! To learn more about The YES Group visit their website at!

Kitchen Brains Celebrates 48 Years!

On Saturday, September 23rd, 2017, we are celebrating our 48th anniversary! We thank all of our employees and customers for continuing to support and partner with us over the years. We are forever grateful for each and every one of you. Cheers to many more years of passion and innovation!

DJ Marketing Inc. Joins Kitchen Brains As Manufacturer’s Rep

Advanced Culinary has merged with DJ Marketing Inc.! Kitchen Brains is excited to work with the recently expanded DJ Marketing Inc. Now covering Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Western Tennessee, in addition to Texas and Oklahoma as a result of this merger, DJ Marketing Inc. will continue to bring the same superior service to more people, companies, and institutions. We look forward to our new relationship with DJ Marketing Inc., knowing more of our future customers will have the absolute best in information, support, and satisfaction. Welcome to the team, DJ Marketing Inc.!

Kitchen Brains is a Proud Member of American Made Matters

November 19th is American Made Matters Day – a day to raise awareness and encourage Americans to buy more products made in the U.S.A. Kitchen Brains is a proud member of American Made Matters, an organization of manufacturers that make their products in the U.S. Kitchen Brains believes in the importance of buying American-made products to create jobs, stronger communities, safer products, a cleaner environment, and an independent and secure Nation that ultimately strengthens the American dream. Join us on November 19th to celebrate American Made Matters Day!

Kitchen Brains Congratulates All Dale Carnegie Graduates!

Kitchen Brains congratulates all of the recent Dale Carnegie graduates that have attended the Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers at Kitchen Brains, but especially our internal employees, Arnold Zimmerman, Kelly Johnston, Sarah Greenberg, and Tom Egan. During this 7-week program, managers were asked to complete an “Innovation Project” that would either save their company $50,000 or increase revenue by $50,000. We are proud to announce that Sarah Greenberg, in our Sales Operations Group (SOG), has won the Innovations Award for her project.  

Industry News

11/18/16 – Why Food Safety is a Win-Win-Win

Every food establishment has different uses, processes, and styles of serving food, but the overall issues and key principles of food safety remain the same. There are several steps and guidelines that accompany practicing proper food safety, which is why it is so important that not only our food establishments, but consumers are aware of appropriate food safety practices.  

09/06/16 – Chick-fil-A is going where no fast-food chain has gone before

Chick-fil-A is testing a host of new menu items featuring ingredients like quinoa, farro, roasted butternut squash, and chia seeds in hopes of attracting more health-conscious eaters. Read the full article here to find out when these new menu items will be launched.

8/18/2016 – IoT: Foodservice Industry Meets Technology

The creation of intelligent kitchens made with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies simplifies operations and HACCP requirements. Restaurant operations can reduce energy costs, increase labor productivity, and simplify HACCP reporting by simply allowing their current “smart” appliances to interact with tablets, and smartphones. IoT technology helps restaurants deliver real-time data to monitor the execution anytime from anywhere. In an increasingly technological world, many restaurants have reckoned the number of potential IoT applications.

03/06/2016- Does adding ‘healthy’ menu items make financial sense?

We’ve seen a lot of news in recent months from restaurant chains announcing plans to incorporate “healthier” ingredients, such as cage-free eggs or hormone-free chicken, or to emphasize healthful menu options. But before you decide to make a big deal out of “healthy” ingredients or menu items, you need to have a deep understanding of whether this is something your customers are demanding, and, if so, how much they’re willing to pay to make a health-conscious buying decision.

02/06/2015 – Special Report: Smart Machines

Operators invest in efficient, multitasking equipment to cut costs, boost sales.