Commercial Kitchen Products

Our origins date back to 1969 when we were approached by an owner/operator of the #1 quick-service restaurant chain to develop a product to ensure that their French Fries were cooked just right from batch to batch. We were the first to market in the kitchen timer segment and today, Kitchen Brains’® (FASTRON.) computers are an integral tool in any efficient commercial kitchen.

Since 1969, Kitchen Brains® has earned more than thirty two U.S and European patents on timers, control processes, communications and appliance networking software. From grilling, frying and baking to holding, serving and tracking, we continue to innovate and are renowned worldwide for our design ingenuity and manufacturing excellence. Our cost-effective solutions are configurable, customizable and licensable, thus speeding our customers time to market and providing a greater competitive advantage.

We proudly serve over 65 countries with a host of solutions that cover design and application development, production planning and inventory management, field service management and more. All of our solutions can be tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

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